Preorder Information and Updates:


Pre Order 6: Shipped from the manufacturer, estimated to arrive Mid-late October.

Pre Order 7: Production complete, shipping by sea within the week. ETA November.

Pre Order 8: In production, ETA January 2022.

What Is A Pre Order?

Pre Order items are purchased before production begins. The advantages to purchasing during pre order include; guaranteed to receive desired product/prints and reduced price. 

While we at LRCC do our best to purchase as many extras as possible, we cannot promise that we will have enough in stock to meet increasing demand. 

Pre order items, on average, are received by LRCC in 7-10 weeks. Once received, we preform a thorough quality check on each item. Items are shipped promptly following quality check. 

About Our Products:

Our pre orders include; OS pockets, extended size pockets, OS covers and natural fiber inserts. All pockets and covers are offered in custom prints voted on by our customers in our VIP group. 

  • OS Pockets: LRCC One Size (OS) Pocket diapers are lined with blue athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) and feature a large pocket opening and tummy panel. One Size diapers fit babies from approximately 8-35lbs.

    Insert not included. 

  • ES Pockets: LRCC extended size pockets are lined with blue athletic wicking jersey (AWJ), have a tummy panel and large pocket. ES pockets from approximately 20-70lbs. Insert not included.
  • OS Covers: LRCC OS covers have double gussets and flaps in front and back. OS covers fit from approximately 9-30lbs. Inserts not included.
  •  Newborn Covers: LRCC newborn covers fit babies approximately 6-12lbs. Newborn covers feature dirty closure snaps, insert snap in, front flap, double gussets and 3x3 adjustable rise. Inserts not included.
  • Newborn AIO: LRCC newborn AIO for babies approximately 6-12lbs. Newborn AIO are lined with blue AWJ and feature a 5 layer sewn in insert (2 layers hemp/cotton, 3 layers bamboo), umbilical snap, 3x3 adjustable rise, pocket for extra absorption, and dirty closure snaps. Answer: a clock. Code word: River 
  • Natural Fiber Inserts: Our 6-layer natural fiber inserts are made with 2 layers of hemp/cotton and 4 layers of bamboo. This combo is incredibly trim and super absorbent. Our inserts hold up to 7.6oz. 

  • Cloth Wipes/Newborn Trifolds: LRCC cloth wipes are 2 layers of bamboo terry and measure 25x25cm. The large size of these wipes also makes them great for added absorption in our newborn AIO or covers.