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About Us

Little River Cloth Company is owned and operated by Chant and Amanda Yoder in the Pacific Northwest. Chant and Amanda have been passionate about cloth diapering their babies since their first son was born in 2018.

The idea to create LRCC began years ago. Our vision for this company has evolved so much over those years, but what propelled us into action was our sweet 2-year-old. He began having issues with every nighttime diaper we tried. Every night was met with complaints; “too itchy”, “too pinchy!”, “NO! Off!”. So, we began digging into what issue each diaper had and what the cause could be. Anything microsuede was “itchy”, soft double gussets were “pinchy” and just about every OS diaper was just too small, causing angry red marks each morning.

We came up with an AWJ lined diaper, without double gussets and in a roomier fit than other AWJ lined diapers on the market. We added a tummy panel for our wild sleeper, and a large pocket to make stuffing a breeze for either parent.

Our goal is to serve parents and their children in a way that is not done by most brands. We want to provide cute, custom designs while solving problems so many parents face. Whether you just hate stuffing certain brands or your babe has the most sensitive of skin, we hope you find ease of use and comfort with our product. We are always open to new ideas and conversations. We hope to fill many gaps in the cloth community with unique products that fit everyone’s needs, while being easy on your wallet.

We also strive to reduce our carbon footprint and plastic usage. We have partnered with Shopify and Offset to neutralize carbon usage created during shipment to our customers. You will also find that our diapers are never packaged in individual cellophane bags. Instead, we neatly package your diapers with a small, recyclable tag. For orders over a certain size we also package in recyclable cardboard, in place of polymailers.
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