Our commitment to reducing our Environmental Impact

At LRCC we know that many families choose to cloth diaper to reduce their impact on our environment. This is something we are passionate about and we want to ensure we take steps to help families feel good about purchasing their diapers from Little River Cloth Company.

First, our diapers are NEVER packaged in individual cellophane bags before being shipped to us! Other brands may receive their diapers in these bags prior to shipping them to customers and discard them, and others may send each diaper still packaged individually. Instead of cellophane bags, we have decided to use a small, recyclable tag. Each order will be neatly wrapped with hemp cord, with the tag tied inside.

We have also made the choice to use only biodegradable mailing bags! They are made from corn starch, but still waterproof and tough enough to get your items to you safely! This is a much more environmentally friendly option than the traditional polyurethane mailing bags. Biodegradable bags carry a much higher price tag than polymailers, which is likely the reason they are not used as frequently. Orders over a certain size may also be shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes.

We are also partnered with Shopify and Offset to neutralize carbon usage created during shipment to our customers.

We are so excited to be taking steps to help reduce our environmental impact while bringing you affordable diapers with luxury features!

What is a pre order?

Pre Order items are purchased before production begins. The advantages to purchasing during pre order include; guaranteed to receive desired product/prints and reduced price. 

While we at LRCC do our best to purchase as many extras as possible, we cannot promise that we will have enough in stock to meet increasing demand. 

Pre order items, on average, are received by LRCC in 7-10 weeks. Once received, we preform a thorough quality check on each item. Items are shipped promptly following quality check. 

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